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KOSNETT LAW FIRM provides an incomparable service to a student, from graduate school to grade school, public or private, dealing with any charge of dishonesty or misconduct, special ed or other issue; a doctor, nurse, teacher, realtor, or other licensed professional, dealing with any board or agency; an individual or business needing to file Bankruptcy or secure debt relief; a defendant facing criminal charges or investigations; a person injured in an auto accident or other mishap; or employees who are terminated or denied their rights.

We handle expulsions, disciplinary proceedings, bankruptcies, licensing issues, criminal charges, arbitrations, mediations, civil lawsuits, expungements, fee disputes and tax controversies, in all courts and administrative venues, State & Federal. The firm’s policy is to provide a free consultation, on the telephone or in office, to every person or business needing legal advice or representation. Our unmatched reputation in California extends throughout the United States, with international practice in the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe & Asia. Kosnett Law Firm’s record of success is second to none.

Kosnett Law Firm combines the talents of James Victor Kosnett, an Administrative Law attorney specializing in Education Law and Professional Licensing, John Manzano, a Bankruptcy specialist, Louis V. Kosnett (Personal Injury and Criminal Defense), John Alexander (Education and Business), and Dan Yakobian (Employment), each bringing his special skills and experience to the service of our clients.

– James Victor Kosnett

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Meet Our Attorneys

James Victor Kosnett
Attorney At Law

Louis V. Kosnett
Attorney At Law

Dan Yakobian
Of Counsel


Kosnett Law Firm has offices throughout California, serving clients across America in the areas of education, professional licensing, bankruptcy, employment, criminal defense, personal injury, and administrative law. Our clients include students at every grade level, licensed professionals facing disciplinary issues and applicants for licensure, businesses and individuals needing bankruptcy protection and debt/foreclosure relief, workers, employers, and independent contractors, criminal defendants both adult and juvenile, and businesses and individuals interacting with any government agency. We have extensive experience with arbitration and mediation. We also practice Landlord-Tenant law and handle Restraining Orders.


Since 1990, the attorneys at Kosnett Law Firm have represented clients at more than two thousand hearings before federal and state agencies, universities and school boards, federal and state courts, and administrative law courts. This extensive breadth and depth of experience gives us the ability to capably and confidently help clients with many different issues over a wide range of areas. To read what some of our former clients have said about their experience with the firm, visit our testimonials page. At Kosnett Law Firm, we measure success by the results we achieve and the satisfaction our clients have with our representation. We put our clients first.

Much of our education work involves consultation and advice to university students at campuses throughout the United States and abroad. For example, we ghostwrite student appeals, negotiate settlements, and prep students to succeed at due process hearings. We have extensive experience helping international students with their special problems and challenges. We deal with both public school districts and private schools, both religious and secular. Our work includes Special Education, disability accommodation, IEPs, academic dishonesty defense, sexual misconduct, drugs & alcohol issues, transfers, athletic eligibility, admission, graduation, and degrees.

Our administrative work includes appearances in state, federal, Bankruptcy, administrative, and Tax Courts. We defend professional licenses (many in the health fields, but in all areas) against discipline, and help applicants secure their licenses. We negotiate with the various governmental agencies and secure settlements whenever advisable. We provide debt counseling and foreclosure relief.

Our personal injury representation includes automobile, motorcycle and truck accidents, slip & fall, and injuries of all kinds.

Criminal defense covers federal and state, adult and juvenile, trial defense, plea negotiation, termination of probation, expungement, and forfeiture.

We also obtain and defend against restraining orders, and appear in Landlord-Tenant Court.

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