When Should Healthcare Professionals Take A Writ


Healthcare providers and professionals must adhere to high ethical and legal standards. Sometimes, in their dealings and interactions with both state and federal healthcare agencies, healthcare professionals may find reason to contact an attorney to compel the agency to comply with the law. Additionally, healthcare professionals may want to utilize writ proceedings in order to challenge administrative actions taken by public or private hospitals and healthcare centers against individual healthcare professionals.

California law provides healthcare professionals two main sources of recourse when they feel that have been treated unjustly, unfairly or illegally by their hospital or medical center employer, or when they believe that a state of federal agency is out of compliance with the law and the agency has refused to take steps to remedy the deficiency and get legally compliant. These sources of recourse are the California Code of Civil Procedure Section 1085 which permits the legal challenge to “arbitrary or capricious” failures to perform duties required under the law, and Section 1094.5 of the California Code of Civil Procedure which allows healthcare professionals to ask courts for recourse when professional administrative hearings have not been conducted fairly or when the results and determinations of those professional administrative hearings do not conform with the evidence presented to the administrative board or tribunal.

Kosnett Law firm has a solid track record of fighting aggressively on behalf of our healthcare professionals. We understand both state and federal healthcare laws and are ready to seek all justice and compensation available to you under the law for any grievance you feel is unresolved, or which was unresolved not in your favor.

We are experienced in filing both Petitions for Writ of Administrative Mandamus and Petitions for Writ of Mandate with the California Superior Court in order to challenge the adverse decisions made against our healthcare professional clients. These Petitions have very firm and tight deadlines for appeal, which must be adhered to. Your professional license may be at stake, as well as your professional reputation and perhaps your livelihood. Do not leave these decisions as they stand – let the Kosnett law firm stand up for your rights and enforce all your rights under the law.

At Kosnett Law we are proud to represent healthcare professionals across all industries. Call us today or visit us online to schedule your free case evaluation. Your time allowed for appeal of any adverse decision may be limited, contact Kosnett Law firm today to ensure that your rights under the law are respected and protected.

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