Title IX, Athlete And Rape Allegations


Recently, several women have accused the University of Tennessee of violating Title IX laws by exhibiting “deliberate indifference” to alleged sexual assaults committed by university athletes and “fostering a hostile sexual environment” which resulted in the women being deprived of their right to an education under Title IX. The lawsuit filed by six women specifically allege that several top university officials, including the University of Tennessee Chancellor, knew of the athlete’s assaults and “failed to take corrective action”.


What is Title IX?


Title IX is a federal law passed in 1972 which requires gender equality for males and females in every educational program which receives federal funding – so all educational programs of public colleges and universities like the University of Tennessee. This gender equality requirement applies to the sports programs of schools and educational programs which receive federal funding.


This current lawsuit is not the first time the University of Tennessee has been in legal trouble concerning their handling of rape allegations and the suit alleges that the accused athletes knew that the university would support them by providing them “top quality legal representation” and by denying the female victims the right to a hearing and to the same level of support as the accused males, thereby treating them unequally based on their gender.


If your student athlete has been charged with rape or any other criminal charge, it is imperative that you contact an experienced criminal and educational law defense attorney immediately in order to protect and defend your student athlete, their school and any scholarship status and their reputation. If, on the other hand, you or your family member has been the victim of an assault or other crime on campus and is receiving treatment that is unfair and inferior to the treatment provided to the opposite-gendered accused, call us today to speak to our education law and Title IX experts. Kosnett Law firm is one of the Los Angeles area’s premier educational law firms and we specialize in all manner of education law and enforcement of student’s rights under the law. We also specialize in criminal defense, making the Kosnett law firm the clear choice to defend your student against any criminal allegations or charges, including rape allegations. Even if formal criminal charges have not yet been filed, rape allegations are extremely serious and can impact your student athlete in many facets of their life for years to come. Do not allow your student to be bullied by their school, college or university. Call us today to speak to one of our experienced legal professionals and to schedule your free consultation.

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