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Protecting your license and ensuring that you receive it in California’s
At the Kosnett Law Firm, attorney James Kosnett knows how to represent healthcare providers in California — and he has focused on the problem’s medical professionals face with licensing for more than 25 years. Our clients come from a wide range of practices when they need assistance going before administrative boards and when navigating California’s bureaucracy. When your needs relate to license applications or restrictions, the Kosnett Law Firm can assist:

• Doctors and physicians before the Medical Board of California (MBC)
• Physician assistants, licensed vocational nurses and registered nurses before the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN)
• Chiropractors before the Board of Chiropractic Examiners
• Dentists before the Board of Dentistry
• Psychologists before the Board of Psychology
• Respiratory care technicians before the Board of Respiratory Care Therapy (BRCT)
• Pharmacists before the Board of Pharmacology

James Kosnett and the firm also advocate on behalf on medical practice groups, x-ray technicians, surgical centers, nursing homes, mental health facilities and practically any other healthcare provider or institution of any type.

Making sure that the licensing process goes smoothly in California
In any case where your license is at stake, it’s important that you contact the Kosnett Law Firm as soon as possible. If you are applying for your license and facing denial or a restricted license, our firm can represent you to ensure you obtain a plenary, full license.

Most often, though, our clients already have their license and now find themselves under an investigation by the Department of Consumer Affairs or their professional board (such as the MBC or BRN) and have been accused of some infraction that could cause discipline or revocation. The Kosnett Law Firm works with you to demonstrate that you possess the requisite evidence and character to retain your license and that — when necessary — you have mitigated any damages and been rehabilitated. By starting early on, attorney James Kosnett can negotiate with the deputy attorney general selected by the board or agency, argue your position in front of an administrative law judge, or obtain relief in the Superior Court of California if the decision is clearly flawed.

The trusted name in healthcare licensing for California
If you practice in a healthcare profession requiring licensure to operate, your very livelihood depends on obtaining and retaining that license, even in the face of difficult circumstances such as a criminal charge or conviction. At the Kosnett Law Firm, unlike most other law firms, we can represent you in both the criminal and civil side of these proceedings. We can also, in the appropriate case, negotiate terms of surrender or settlement that enable you to reapply or become reinstated at the earliest opportunity. We also represent clients in examinations cases across the country, including the American Dental Association exams, the MedCaT and other testing or certification. If you believe your license may be in jeopardy, or if you need to appeal an adverse ruling, call us at 877-959-2937 or contact the Kosnett Law Firm for a free consultation.

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