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Nurses are required to be licensed by the State of California’s Board of Registered Nursing and Board of Vocational Nursing. This includes registered nurses (RN’s), and licensed vocational nurses (LVN’s). Regardless of what type of nurse you are, you have taken steps to procure education and training that all lead you to the examination and licensing procedures. But what happens when something goes wrong? What happens when the Board of Registered Nursing has a question about something on your application that you may have failed or forgotten to accurately disclose? What if they don’t believe your training was enough? What if there is a problem with a reference? Or a problem from another state? What if there is a civil or criminal infraction that is holding you back from being licensed? Regardless of the issues you are facing, Attorney James Kosnett of Kosnett Law can help you face the Board of Registered Nursing. Our firm focuses a great deal of its work on assisting nurses and other healthcare professionals with their reviews and applications in front of licensing authorities. Put our office to work for you and we will help you ensure that your hard work pays off in the form of a license to practice nursing, and in the uninterrupted and unblemished continuation of that license.

Your Nursing License: We Know What it Means To You
Cases in front of the Board of Registered Nursing are important. We understand that your livelihood and your future are on the line. However, many nurses make the mistake of thinking that because their proceedings before the Board are not in a courtroom, or presided over by a judge, they are not as serious as a criminal or civil matter. But they are even more important, because their effects last longer. The Board of Registered Nursing has the power to strip you of your license, block your application, force you to resign from nursing, or revoke, suspend, or restrict your license and your employment as a nurse. With these serious consequences on the line, you need legal representation that has been before the Board before and helped other fellow nurses retain their licenses. At Kosnett Law, we have assisted nurses by:

• Jumping in at the first sign of an investigation, inquiry, or complaint
• Appearing on their behalf at meetings or hearings before the board
• Preparing clients for questioning, hearings, statements, depositions, testimony, and cross-examination
• Gathering evidence on behalf of clients
• Getting involved in criminal or civil legal proceedings that impact licensing
• Appealing decisions made by the Board
• Returning nurses to full practice
• Obtaining licenses in the first instance

Kosnett Law Can Help with Your Board of Registered Nursing Case
If you are facing licensing interviews, reviews, or a disciplinary process with the Board of Registered Nursing, Kosnett Law can help with your case. Attorney James Kosnett focuses his practice on professional licensure, and he will make sure that you utilize all possible legal options and remedies in your attempt to gain or maintain your nursing license. If you even suspect that there may be an issue with your license, you should call and speak to an attorney as soon as possible. It is never too early to protect your rights and begin work to keep your nursing license intact.

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