Johnny Manziel Meets With NFL Investigator

The Cleveland Browns quarterback, Johnny Manziel had it coming to him. In a meeting with the NFL Senior Advisor, Lisa Friel, regarding an incident on domestic violence on October 12 that involved his girlfriend Colleen Crowley, Heather McPhee, an attorney from NFL Players Association represented the quarterback. But the duration and details of the interview are not known and the media cannot ascertain who was present there. What’s more, as the NFL is already infamous for dealing with off-field scandals as was seen in 2014, where both parties, the accused and the victim, were present together during the interrogation, it is assumed that NFL will not be mistaking this mistake again.

The team’s General Manager, Ray Farmer was quoted to have told ESPN about the zero possibility of Manziel’s suspension. Only NFL has the high hand to fine or suspend him as a disciplinary act. Even as a form of corrective measure, the quarterback will not be off the field in the upcoming game.

Anonymous sources tipped NFL Network’s Ian Rapport that Johnny Manziel is “not expected to be disciplined” in the roadside incident that turned physical. The NFL, however, gave a counter comment stating that the case is still under review and later arrived at the decision of clearing him of all charges.

The interesting fact in the Manziel case is that when NFL investigators spoke to field officers present on scene following the alleged domestic assault, Colleen Crowley was reported to have been hit a couple of times. According to, an intoxicated Crowley commented that she had her head slammed against the window but she did not press charges.

Police of Avon, Ohio, recorded Colleen Crowley’s comment that Manziel had physically harmed her in the said incident. Later, she retracted her statement saying that the quarterback had tried to stop her from jumping from his speeding car which explains her bruise. The latter story is the same that Manziel had told the police who also admitted to have had a couple of drinks earlier in the day but was confirmed sober on the scene. The couple was subject to two 911 calls from onlookers.

The news of not being disciplined by the NFL authorities is not a surprise owing to the fact that there is not enough conclusive evidence against the player. Whatever happened or did not happen between the player and his girlfriend or whether Manziel violated the Personal Conduct Policy, cannot determine that Manziel did anything wrong. The case is in want of substantial evidence and the contradictory statements from Ms. Crowley regarding her bruised arm had further shifted the balance in Johnny Manziel’s favor.

After the incident was splashed across the tabloids, Colleen Crowley was observed to have publicly taken the stance that everything had been resolved between the two. The league apparently will not be doing anything owing to the girlfriend’s inconsistent stories. Additionally, the league will not be transparent either, in cases that do not result in any discipline, as is the standard in large corporations that do not publicize their internal investigations to avoid lawsuits.

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