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Foreclosure and Debt Relief Information

Kosnett Law Firm is dedicated to the financial health of our clients. We not only provide exemplary, tailored bankruptcy filing for clients, but we also assist with Debt Relief as well.

What is debt relief? Debt Relief is designed to help people with unmanageable debts. Whether you are experiencing financial hardship due to a job loss, unexpected medical bills, divorce or another situation, Mr. John Manzano and Kosnett Law Firm can help you get your finances in order for the fresh start you so deserve. Mr. Manzano is an exceptional bankruptcy lawyer of 25 years in Los Angeles, and every attorney in Kosnett Law Firm is here to help. Browse our website to learn more about bankruptcy and what type of bankruptcy is right for you, such as a Los Angeles Chapter 13 or a Huntington Beach Chapter 7. We service every city in Los Angeles County.

The last thing anyone wants is a foreclosure on their home. We understand how important keeping your home is and we know that financial hardship shouldn’t include the loss of your home. That is why when we file for bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, or debt counseling, one of our goals is to ensure that you get to keep your home.

Debt Relief is a federal remedy that helps people get out of debt when debts become insurmountable. Please see the information below for debt relief alternatives that may suit your needs.

Debt Counseling and Relief

With limited exceptions, § 109(h) of the Bankruptcy Code* requires that all individual debtors who file for bankruptcy relief in Los Angeles receive credit counseling that outlines the available opportunities for debt relief and provides assistance in performing a budget analysis.

The credit counseling must be given within 180 days before the bankruptcy filing. The counseling may be done individually or as a couple, and must be provided by a nonprofit budget and credit counseling agency approved by the United States Trustee or Los Angeles County Bankruptcy Administrator. Kosnett Law Firm will guide you thought the process of getting counseling from an approved credit counseling agency.  This is an online process that takes a matter of a few hours to complete.

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