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DUI charges can be serious and have long term effects. At our law office in California, you will find quality legal advice and representation when you need it the most. Our DUI defense attorneys are passionate, experienced, and dedicated. We care for our clients and protect them from criminal convictions. We defend both juveniles and adults facing criminal charges.

DUI charges need expert legal help, and you would require a professional California DUI attorney to help you out if you have been convicted.

Drunk driving is a serious offense because it can cause damage to life and property. If you’ve been charged with DUI, you should do yourself a favor and hire a good attorney to fight your case. A DUI conviction can lead to hefty fines, increased insurance costs, and license suspension. Together, they are a greater expense than the fee charged by an attorney.

DUI defense attorneys in California
A good California attorney will evaluate your case and let you know your risk of conviction. You can decide whether you want to go to trial or accept a guilty plea.

Here are some DUI offenses handled by James Kosnett and his team of attorneys:

• First-offense DUI: We have managed to resolve a majority of our first Offense DUI cases without a conviction.
• Underage DUI: If you are a juvenile offender, you face unique challenges while facing a DUI charge. Our attorneys are ready to handle them.
• Felony DUI: This is a serious offense and requires immediate attention. If the driver causes injury or is a repeated offender, a DUI becomes a felony

Note that DUI involving drugs attract the same punishment as DUI involving alcohol.
If you are facing multiple DUI charges, you will get higher penalties. We have time and again succeeded in reducing statutory prison sentences by seeking various treatment options.

If DUI cause property damage, injury or death, it needs to be handled by a competent defense lawyer. This is a serious offense because it can result in prison time.

Apart from driving, boating when you are intoxicated may lead to the same harmful consequences as drunk driving. Call now for a free consultation at 877-959-2937.

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