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How Kosnett Law Can Help with The Dental Board of California

The Dental Board of California governs the dental profession, the licensure of dentists, and the adjudication of review proceedings for members of the profession. When you are contacted by an investigator or attorney for the Dental Board, you have a right to have an attorney involved with any review procedure, official statement, or hearing process. Attorney James Kosnett has focused his practice on assisting various types of healthcare professionals with their professional licensing issues, and he has represented many dentists, assisting them with alleged criminal or civil claims of misconduct, ensuring that their rights are protected, and helping them to get the best possible result for the Dental Board and the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH). If you are engaged in any type of issue with the Dental Board, get Attorney James Kosnett to help you keep your license intact. Kosnett Law assists clients in the following situations:

• Before the American Dental Association
• Before the Dental Board of California
• Handling all contact with investigators
• Appearing at all hearings or review proceedings
• Preparing clients for interviews, statements, testimony and cross-examination
• Gathering evidence to support clients’ defense
• Assisting with paperwork regarding review proceedings
• Assisting with issues regarding examination for licensure
• Cases that involve allegations of criminal wrongdoing
• Cases that involve allegations of civil wrongdoing, including dental malpractice
• Appeals of erroneous decisions or rulings to the Superior Court
• Statement of Issues, Accusations, discovery, settlement, early termination of probation, restitution and rehabilitation, Writs of Mandate, Writs of Administrative Mandamus

Legal Claims Regarding the American Dental Association Exams

In addition to Attorney Kensett’s representation of dentists before the Dental Board of California, Kosnett Law has also assisted dental students across the country with claims before the American Dental Association regarding examination procedures and disputes. Even if you are not yet a licensed dentist, you still could challenge a ruling by a governing body that controls licensing. Sometimes, dental associations and licensing authorities wrongfully refuse to allow a student to sit for the exam, either based on a clerical mix-up or some event that the governing body deems to be misconduct or seek to invalidate an exam result. If you have a dispute with the American Dental Association, Kosnett Law can help you stand up for your right to take the examination for licensure as a dentist.

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Licensed medical professionals sometimes need legal help with their licensing boards. Don’t make the mistake if a Board inquiry is not as serious as an actual legal proceeding. Remember that these decision-making authorities could make final and permanent decisions about your career and your future, and that they abide by their own rules of evidence and procedure. Hire an attorney who is experienced in handling these types of cases and can advise you on the legal and professional options that are available to you based on your specific set of circumstances. Call Attorney James Kosnett today to review your legal options in your Dental Board of California matter. Call 877-959-2937 to schedule your free consultation.

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