Defending The Greek System On College Campuses


For generations now, the Greek system on college campuses has been an important part of the college experience for many families. The collegiate spirit, networking opportunity and resume addition that “going Greek” adds has been a positive addition to many young adults’ lives in and post college. Today, however, there have been increased reports of crimes committed against men and women by fraternities which have caused many to question whether the Greek system should be abolished completely.


In California, two fraternities at the University of California at Berkeley have come under increased scrutiny, following a crime alert which was sent out by the university to students. This crime alert warned university students that some four female students may have been allegedly drugged at the fraternity houses recently. The fraternities include chapters of the Chi Psi and Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) fraternities. Additionally, another crime alert was sent to university students by UC Berkeley following allegations of a sexual assault at the Phi Gamma Delta house. Speaking to local media following the crime alerts, the fraternities have denied the allegations made in the crime alerts, and it appears that as of now, no formal criminal charges have been made against any members of the fraternities related to the crime alerts.


With the advent of technology and on-demand media, allegations which once would have been treated in a more confidential manner are made available for all to see and access. Potential employers, graduate schools, romantic partners and colleagues of fraternity members can access the complete allegations made against members of the fraternity, even though no formal criminal charges have yet been filed and may never be filed.


Today more than ever, colleges and universities are faced with the issue of how best to protect all of their students while maintaining student confidentiality and protecting student’s rights. In the course of protecting students, colleges and universities should also weigh the potential safety concern against the reputational risk of widely publishing specific student and fraternity information before the allegations have been thoroughly and properly vetted.


The Greek system of fraternities and sororities, but especially fraternities as long been portrayed in popular media as a party system, which boundaries are pushed and rules are ignored. Although this may certainly be the case for some Greek houses, many serve important educational and professional functions in addition to any social benefits. If you believe that your child or their name is being associated with unfounded criminal allegations which may stay with them well past their college years, call the Kosnett Law firm at (310) 751-0446 or visit us online to learn more about our attorneys and our practice areas. We are one of the Los Angeles area’s premier educational law firms and we specialize in all manner of education law and enforcement of student’s rights under the law. We also specialize in criminal defense, making the Kosnett Law Firm the clear choice to defend your student against any criminal allegations or charges.

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