Are you facing a wronged prostitution charge in California? Prostitution and solicitation is illegal in the state of California, and both you and your alleged client will be legally prosecuted in a legal court, and will face serious fines and penalties if proven guilty.

The stigma of being a prostitute does not wear off easily, and can serve as a major obstacle in your career and personal life. Besides having to pay off a large sum as fine, you might even be required to do some jail time, which is tantamount to writing you off as acriminal altogether.

If you have been wrongfully accused, and are now facing a serious charge of prostitution, you need an experienced counsel who has a track record of having handled similar cases effectively.

Prostitution being an illegal act in California, you will have to get the best defense possible. The prosecution will have a strong case prepared against you, and will try to pin you down as a solicitist and prostitute, and you will be charged guilty and sent to jail or fined with a hefty penalty, if you want to get out of prison.

Criminal defense is a challenging field in itself, and handling a prostitution case is an ever greater and difficult task. With numerous legal formalities to look at to prepare a strong case to prove your innocence, our team of skilled and experienced lawyers guide you every step of the case proceedings, to help you get the verdict as “not guilty”.

Once you are accused of a prostitution charge, there are different options available to you. Our expert lawyer will discuss the various alternatives with you, and let you know how they intend to proceed with the case.

Mostdefendants are unaware of their legal rights to defense and the complexity of the laws concerning prostitution charges. That is why they need expert legal help to get them out of the embarrassing situation and help them prove themselves innocent, with no involvement in such an illegal act.

What We Offer You…

What you need when facing such a serious charge;is the strongest defense you can possibly get. Our lawyers have related expertise, experience, track record, sound knowledge of the law, and a familiarity with the court procedures and legal processes.
Delay in hiring a legal defense mostly results in serious problems for the accused and ruins the chances of clearing your name from the charges filed against you. If you want to escape the stigma of prostitution and possibly free of any police record for having committed such an illegal act, contact us for a free consultation or call us at (310) 751-0446.

What Our Clients Say

These guys are ridiculously good at what they do! Service-oriented, professional and diligent. I had gotten into a very sticky situation and the peace of mind and ultimately results is what now makes me a client for life. I feel forever indebted, thank you so much Mr. Kosnett and team!

-Thanks to James Kosnett we won our appeal..

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