Student life is certainly a time of fun and exploration. It has everything to do with discovering oneself, one’s strengths, weaknesses, dreams and passions. In this regard, college life is considered to be the foundation for a well-educated individual. This is where learning extends beyond the normal classroom approach and incorporates a number of outdoor learning and apprenticeship opportunities.
No adventure is without risks and consequences and the same holds true for student life. Young people often tend to forget that there are always rules and regulations they must comply with. Ignorance, on part of the student, can lead to criminal charges and have a lasting impact on the life of the accused and convicted.
Impact of Criminal Charges
Student code of conduct must be adhered to at all times. Failure to comply or violation of any provisions of conduct code can lead to several sanctions for the individual. These include, but are not limited to, evictions from school residence, removal from campus housing, suspension and expulsion. Criminal charges can also mean heavy penalties and jail-terms for the accused.
Facing a criminal charge has a profound impact on one’s life. The accusation acts as a stain on an otherwise perfect academic record. Admission to reputed universities will be made difficult. When applying for an internship or job later on, a criminal charge will not look good on your record and make employers reconsider their decision before hiring you. Applying for a mortgage, loan or even state assistance can be difficult.
Common Criminal Charges
In California, students must abide by all state laws and regulations. These include all federal statutes, state rulings, community rulings and college by-laws. Some of the most common felony and misdemeanor criminal charges Californian students’ face includes:
Underage drinking (below the age of 21)
Drug possession, trafficking, distribution and usage charges
Traffic and speeding tickets
Carrying a firearm or a fake ID
Resisting Arrest
Physical assault and the use of violence
Sexual misconduct
Best Defenses
If you’re about to begin college or are about to get admitted into a university, there are several ways you can defend yourself from facing criminal charges:
Stay out of Trouble
As obvious as it might sound, this is one of the most difficult things to do. Your adventurous spirit and curiosity might land you in a lot of trouble if you get into wrong and unhealthy activities. So stay away from drugs, excessive alcohol, driving under influence and other vices.
Contact a Lawyer
Even if you do get in trouble with the law, call a lawyer straightaway. Konsett Law Firm offers lawyers that are experienced in handling student criminal cases in Los Angeles, CA. A lawyer will not only help you make a smart move, but also prevent the criminal case from escalating (e.g. due to resisting arrest) and prepare a good defense case.
Report all Suspicious Activities
If you notice anyone selling drugs on campus or stowing away large quantities of liquor, it is best to inform and alert your school/college/university authorities about it. This will help them take prompt action against the culprits and keep you away from trouble as well.
To learn more about the best defenses against criminal charges for Defending Students From Criminal Charges, contact Konsett Law Firm today!



What Our Clients Say

I am an alumni adviser for a fraternity at USC. The chapter was involved in a disciplinary action with the university. After receiving unusually harsh and unfair sanctions from a student/faculty review committee, our chapter sought counsel from James Kosnett. He attended a hearing with USC administrators, and prepared a compelling written appeal.

-Thanks to James Kosnett we won our appeal..

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